Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Wedding.

This is the wedding house. So everything is turbulent. From Aunties to uncles, tempers flying, everything amiss and beauty in Chaos. She was getting ready. It is the wedding they were waiting for. The one which was the destiny, which will bring them to the end of their relationship, they would be treading in a different world now. She believed marriage was over-rated, but today she desperately needed that.

The purohit is shouting absurd chants, nothing is audible. There he was, peeping in, to catch her glimpse. He loved to admire her, of course she looks like an apsara. But today, she did not resemble love, she was his strength. Her smile, made him resolute. Yes, this is what they had discussed. He is going to be the best husband, the best friend, the shoulder to lean in for his wife. He was going to be all, whatever she had asked for. She smiled, and again he lost his heart. They had promised, after today they wont see each other. Their love story had to end. For their spouses sake. This story would have been met only if they had met before her marriage. 

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Internet Abbrevations

An abbreviation is a shortened form of the word or phrase, providing ease in texting especially in twitter and SMS. 

So I googled up a bit and found an interesting bunch of modern Internet abbreviations.

BISLY - But I Still Love You
ITSFWI - If the Shoe fits, wear it!
BFF - Best friends, forever!
WIBAMU - Well, I'll be a Monkey's Uncle!
BTAIM - Be That As it May
TTYL - Talk to you later
IIRC - If I recall correctly
AFAIK - As far as I Know
WRT - With Respect to
NSFW - Not safe for workplace viewing
NWT - New with Tags
OTOH - On the other hand
AFK - Away from Keyboard
ASL - Age/ Sex/ Location
TPTB - The powers that Be
JMHO - Just my Humble Opinion
IMHO - In my Humble Opinion
OATUS - On a totally unrelated Subject
PMFJI - Pardon Me for Jumping In
SFSG - So Far, So Good.
TC - Take care
BTHOM - Beats the Hell Out of Me
O RLY - Oh, Really (sarcasm)
OP - The Original Poster (who started this discussion thread)
WB - Welcome Back
IDK - I don't know
LBW - Love and Best Wishes
OOAK - One of a kind
MEGO - My Eyes glaze over.
IBTL - In Before the Lock!
BBIAB - Be Back in a Bit
SASA - Short and Sweet Reply
YMMV - Your Mileage may vary
MTFBWY - May the Force be with you
NIMBY - Not in My Back Yard
MT - Mistell (mistaken chat message, please disregard)
AMAIR - As much as I recall.
KISS - Keep it short and simple

Hope this post was useful.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

My dream school

I dream of a school,
with huge lawns and parks
Engulfing me in wisdom's womb.
Lets melodious chimes be my alarm,
I rush into class, to a joyous Mam.

She would teach me how the life evolves,
How to smile, when the world is falling apart.
Show me beauty in grayscales of life,
Why the mice, horses and I,
are brothers and pals;
Why are we so different
Yet kids of single Mom.

Teach me to laugh out loud,
Experience the present,
Not to dread about future or past.
Teach me to sing, swim and dance,
together with friends,
Not to compete with all.

Teach me unity and harmony,
Protecting honor, in the spineless world.
Let me soil my hands,
And value every life on earth.
Teach me to love, not scorn.

Let me fall and rise,
Be my guru in every phase of life,
Teach me later science, maths and arts,
But first to be a Man.

My farmer's plight.

In the world of connectedness,
Farmers plight is broadcasted to sell,
They discuss & dwell to generate wealth;
While he strides with shackles of debt.
He is discussed everywhere,
But no one appears for help.
Twitter and Facebook, share his distressed pics,
For the world to see, his naked hardship.
Likes and comments hit millions mark,
Not a penny is brought into his account.
With life hovering between rains and crops,
His mind is filled with impending debts.

Monday, 30 May 2016

How LIC defrauds policy holders!

All of us have that one Uncle/Aunty ji who will boast about having a smart LIC policy and scheme which will help us double/triple our money. Often they would be speaking in an erudite way, making us believe we are fools. Gone are the days LIC policies were used as Insurance for coverage from unfortunate events, today agents talk about it as an investment avenue. Alas, many of us fall for their marketing gimmick. Honestly, I was fooled too, by an Uncle ji! 

Today my friend buzzed to discuss an 'extra-beneficial' policy her Aunty ji was pestering to invest in. So I took up the details of policy and realised that we were indeed losing money by investing in those policies. Here's how:

The policy was for the tenure of 25 years. Considering annual payment of premium, my friend would have to pay Rs 59522 p.a for 20 years. The payback of the scheme was Rs 1,50,000 at 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th year plus Rs 17,25,000 at a 25th year. 

In pure absolute calculation that would be :
Invest Rs 11,90,440 and Earn Rs 23,25,000! Wow! my profit is Rs 11,34,560!! Policy is making me rich??

No. Never.

The problem with the above view is, we are forgetting about the Inflation rate. To make a real profit in our economy, we have to earn an interest rate which is little higher than the inflation rate. Only then we earn the profit. (Ask any economist, he will surely agree).

Now on an average (for past 5 years) our inflation rate as stated by http://www.inflation.eu is 7.79%. For ease of calculation, I consider it 8% (many of us even feel that Govt might have suppressed the rate. My parents always scream about the rising prices!! )

[Let me tell you concept of discounted cash flow - DCF. (it is simply, today's Rs 100 value would be Rs 92 next year.) DCF analysis uses a particular rate, in our case inflation rate,  to arrive at present value of estimate to evaluate the potential of investment]
I took DCF of 8%  to calculate the present value (today's value of premium which my friend would pay for next 20 years)  which amounts to Rs 5,84,395

Present value of the returns I would receive is Rs 5,02,915  (on 5th, 10th, 15,20th and 25th year)

The excel sheet shows the calculation. 

Indeed LIC and all such companies make us a fool through their marketing gimmicks.

I know now you will ask where to invest.

I suggest, if you are opting for long-term returns, please choose Stocks or Mutual funds (first learn the basics and then invest- it is very easy) or the Debt market, or plain vanilla-Bank FD! Just remember to check the rate of interest offered. Anything they offer should be greater than the average Inflation rate. 
And never trust a suggestion of a person who makes a commission out of your decision. As they as "Investment is a subject matter of solicitation"

I hope you found this article helpful.

P.S: No offence on LIC. I have used it as the illustration for my friends. No intentions of defaming :D  

Sunday, 29 May 2016

17 rules for success by Napoleon Hill

The world renowned author of Think and Grow Rich never fails to be air under your wings. He truly cuts across many boundaries to get the word out on how to achieve personal success. Dr. Hill recognised the timeless nature of his work when he spoke of their benefit "for future generations yet unborn".

Here are the 17 rules of success we learn from his book The Science of Success.

  1.  Definiteness of purpose 
  2. Master-Mind Alliance

  3. Applied faith 
  4. Going the Extra Mile 
  5. Pleasing Personality 
  6. Personal Initiative 
  7. Positive Mental Attitude 
  8. Enthusiasm 
  9.  Self-Discipline
  10. Accurate Thinking
  11. Controlled Attention
  12. Team Work 
  13. Adversity and Defeat 
  14. Creative Vision 
  15.  Habit of Health 
  16. Habit of Time and Money 
  17.  Cosmic Habitforce 
In a book it was mentioned that,
" The formula appears to be simple... it apears to be basic. Yet, it represents the distilled effort of a life time."

P.S: Source for images are www.pinterest.com and www.tom2tell.com

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Chakra Dhyana for stress free life in our busy world.

We all know we are stressed, running with our busy schedule and have lot many things to focus on. Ever felt, that while trying to make a living we forgot to live?  To unwind from my crazy lifestyle and virtual world that I live in, with real-time connectivity and every thing being mentioned "High-Priority", I lost my focus. No peace, No patience and constant temper issues. That is when I opted for meditation. Honestly, I lose my focus on pranayama badly, So my friend suggested Chakra Dhyana. And then my life was never the same again. It is a most beautiful and holistic meditation. It won't take your more time and will leave you peaceful. 

What is Chakra Dhyana?

The Sanskrit word Chakra literally translates to wheel or disc. In yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda, this term refers to wheels of energy throughout the body. There are seven main chakras, which align the spine, starting from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head. The energy that flows through these chakras is called the Kundalini shakti,(Supreme universal power) the prana, the life force.

Chakra Dhyana helps to align the energy flowing between all the chakras and harmonises the individual.
Source: oneness-sg.blogspot.com

Each chakra denotes a specific energy-

  • Mooladhara Chakra, Swadhisthana Chakra and Manipura Chakra are chakras of matter.
  • Anahata Chakra is the connection between Matter and Spirit
  • Vishuddhi Chakra, Ajneya Chakra and Sahasrara Chakra are chakras of Spirit.
First Chakra : Mooladhara (Root Chakra)
It is the chakra of stability, security and our basic needs. The opening of this chakra leads to a feeling of security and safety.
  Location: Base of spine in tail bone area
  Beej mantra : Lang

Second Chakra : Swadhisthana (Sacral Chakra)
It is the chakra relating to sensual abundance, welling, pleasure and sexuality. The opening of this chakra leads to accepting others and enhances our creative expression & experiences.
  Location: Lower abdomen, about two inches below the navel and two inches in.
  Beej mantra : Vang

Third Chakra : Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra)
This chakra is the source of our personal power, our ability to be confident and in control of our lives. The opening of this chakra leads to self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem.
  Location: Upper abdomen in the stomach area
  Beej mantra : Rang

Fourth Chakra : Anahatha (Heart Chakra)
The fourth chakra, middle of the seven chakras unites the lower three chakras (chakras of matters) with the upper ones (chakras of spirit). The opening of this chakras enhances our ability to love and connect to every being in this world.
  Location : Centre of chest just above the heart.
  Beej mantra : Yang

Fifth Chakra : Vishuddhi (Throat Chakra)
This chakra is the source of our verbal expression and the ability to speak our highest truth, eloquently and appropriately. When heart and tongue cooperates, what we speak makes sense. The opening of this chakra leads to improved communication, ease in self-expression of feelings and thoughts.
  Location : Throat
  Beej mantra : Hang

Sixth Chakra : Agnya (Third Eye Chakra)
This chakra is our centre of intuition (also known as sixth sense).  The opening of this chakra improves our intuitive ability, imagination and the ability to think and make decisions.
  Location: Forehead between the eyes
  Beej Mantra : Aum

Seventh Chakra : Sahasrara (Crown Chakra)
This is the chakra of enlightenment and spiritual connection to our higher selves, others and ultimately to the Universe. The opening of this chakra leads to inner peace and pure bliss. 
  Location : Crown of the head
  Beej mantra : Augum Shakti Aum

How to Do-it?

  • Select a comfortable place. If you have a terrace or open balcony, you could do it there. Or any non-disturbance zone in your home is alright.
  • Sit with your eyes closed, spines erect but not rigid. Rest your hands on your thighs facing up and select the fingers postures as shown in the image above.
  • Take several long breaths and focus on it. As you start with a chakra start to focus on the area shown in the image for the specific chakra.
  • Begin with Mooladhara Chakra - Say " Om Mooladhara" . Visualise its red colour and slowly say "Lang" for few minutes (as much time as you wish)  then visualise the chakra turning into golden liquid as you say "Kundalini Arohanum" several times.
  • Next Swadhisthana Chakra - Say "Om Swadhisthana" . Visualise its orange colour and slowly say "Vang" for few minutes, then visualise the chakra turning into golden liquid as you say "Kundalini Arohanum" several times.
  • Next Manipura Chakra - Say "Om Sri Mani Padme Hum" . Visualise its yellow colour and slowly say "Rang" for few minutes, then visualise the chakra turning into golden liquid as you say "Kundalini Arohanum" several times.
  • Next Anahata Chakra - Say "Om Anahata" . Visualise its green colour and slowly say "Yang" for few minutes, then visualise the chakra turning into golden liquid as you say "Kundalini Arohanum" several times.
  • Next Vishuddhi Chakra - Say "Om Vishuddhi" . Visualise its blue colour and slowly say "Hang" for few minutes, then visualise the chakra turning into golden liquid as you say "Kundalini Arohanum" several times.
  • Next Agneya Chakra - Say "Om Agneya" . Visualise its indigo colour and slowly say "Aum" {pronunced AAAOOM 3:2:1 ratio) for few minutes, then visualise the chakra turning into golden liquid as you say "Kundalini Arohanum" several times.
  • Next Sahasrara Chakra - Say "Om Sahasrara" . Visualise its violet colour and slowly say "Ogum Satyam Aum"  for few minutes, then visualise the chakra turning into golden liquid as you say "Kundalini Arohanum" several times.

Hope this article was helpful. Please feel free to comment. Please ensure caution, many people experienced vibrations during this meditation.